Become a volunteer

Oslo food festival will become a meeting spot where you can taste new dishes and were we work towards a more tolerant society.

We need volunteers to…

  • Set up the festival
  • Hosting during the food festival
  • Put down the festival
  • Layout of posters for the food festival

Leave your contact information and one of our employees will contact you for more information.

WHEN:  26.-27 .August. 2023 KI 10 – 21
WHERE: Seilduksgata 23b (Birkelunden), 0553 Oslo

How are the tasks organized?

We will make it as pleasant as possible and distribute the work tasks according to what volunteers want to do. Here there is an opportunity to do several things, just remember to tick the boxes of what you want to do. All volunteers will receive an optional dish and drink from the food festival.

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(Minimum age is 16)
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